Unlimited Free ChatGPT

With ScholarChat, users can utilize Free ChatGPT for scientific purposes without any concerns about usage limits.

Supported with resources

ScholarChat offers innovative responses fromChatGPT, enabling users to obtain a more varied references on the information they seek.

Reliable and citable PDFs.

In the last line of ChatGPT response, user can access reliable PDFs that can be effortlessly downloaded without any hassle of creating an account or paying any fees!

Trusted Scientific Resources

All resources are either peer-reviewed publications or obtained from reputable scientific websites.

What our clients say

I really appreciate how easy it is to access reliable PDFs through ChatGPT. The last line of the response is especially helpful, as I can quickly download the PDF without having to create an account or pay any fees. It’s great to have access to such high-quality resources without any unnecessary barriers.

Julia Johnson

ScholarChat is an amazing platform that allows me to utilize ChatGPT without worries about usage limits, especially when it comes to scientific purposes. This is incredibly beneficial for my research work, and it’s a relief to have a resource that I can rely on without restrictions.

Adama Harish

I appreciate that all the resources provided by ChatGPT are sourced from either peer-reviewed publications or trustworthy scientific websites. It gives me confidence that I’m accessing reliable information.

John Collins




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